Week 11: Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott


This summer I was a very lucky girl, being taken on holiday to Turkey with my family. My mum and I had been to the same place before so we decided to revisit it. I spent two weeks lazing by the pool (in the shade – my complexion is not well-suited to the Aegean sun!) and reading. Lots of reading. The place where we stayed had its own mini library which I raided every other day to find something interesting!

Perking the Pansies was the first book I picked up on holiday. It’s an account of a couple who escape from Britain to Turkey, so I thought it was particularly appropriate for my holiday reading! It was quite an amusing read, especially as I got to witness perfect examples of the different types of expats that the author describes! There’s a bit of a serious theme underlying some of the chapters, as Muslim countries like Turkey tend not to be too accepting of openly homosexual couples. But overall it was a funny book, a good introduction to my holiday reading list!


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I'm a 21-year-old Psychology graduate from Cambridge University, living in Surrey, UK.

One response to “Week 11: Perking the Pansies by Jack Scott”

  1. Jack Scott says :

    Thanks for the lovely review. I’m glad you liked the book and I hope you had a splendid holiday. Cheers!

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